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Welcome to Recruitment Boost!

A note from our CEO Jason Lopez


Hi and welcome to Recruitment Boost!


You’ve probably never heard of us before, but we’re not a new company. We’ve been around since 2014 and you may have gotten to know us under our old name Octus.


Whilst that had a pretty good ring to it, with all the exciting new things we have planned as part of our future roadmap, it felt time to turn a new page and give our brand a facelift.


Why Recruitment Boost?

Speaking to many of you, we asked what you like most about our CRM solution. The answers were almost unanimous.


Most of you love our robust 3-in-1 search function and how it helps you find more suitable candidates in your database faster, so that you can impress your clients and unlock more opportunities.


Clearly, having the right CRM can help you to BOOST your business!


What’s new?

We’re proud to see how our customers continue to evolve and grow, carving out their niche and providing more value to their clients. To continue to help them uncover new opportunities, we’ve been looking at more ways to support them and in the next months, we’re looking forward to the launch of our new Contract Staffing Solution.


With this new addition, we’re laying the foundation towards challenging the workings of a traditional CRM, with the view of turning it into a proactive virtual assistant to help further streamline processes and enable greater business success.


Over and above, we’re growing our presence in Asia with a new office in the Philippines to better cater to the needs of emerging markets and a more robust team in Singapore to continue to provide you with the excellent customer service our customers have come to expect.


Finally, as we continue to grow, we want to not only maintain our level of customer support but also become even more of a partner to you by sharing our experiences as recruiters on how to grow a recruitment agency ready for the future and the exciting opportunities the region has to offer. These features will be rolled out over the next months. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.


Combining our knowledge and insights with our technological solutions in these ways, we’re excited about this new chapter ahead and becoming part of your journey.

Jason Lopez, CEO of Recruitment Boost

Jason Lopez

CEO of Recruitment Boost

Jason began his career organizing high level sporting events in the Philippines and large corporate events across the globe. He found his passion when he became a recruitment consultant, working with candidates from entry level all the way to the C-Suite, eventually running a business focusing on multiple industries in APAC. Now, as the CEO of Recruitment Boost, he works closely with the team using his extensive recruitment experience to ensure quality service and product excellence. In his role, he looks forward to helping you get the most out of our platform and to help you grow your business.

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