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Building a market leader in Myanmar – Asia’s Final Frontier

After Myanmar opened up to the world several years ago, Simon Bruce and his business partners decided to embrace Asia’s Final Frontier and to set up his new recruitment agency, MyWorld, in this new emerging market to help employers find the best local talent and realise their growth ambitions.


Having grown the business from a one-man start-up into an SME with more than 60 employees in just over three years, we were keen to hear how Recruitment Boost is playing a role in the plans of this ambitious company.

MyWorld is seen as a market leader in Myanmar. What’s been key to your success?

Good systems and processes! These are essential, if you want to run and grow a professional recruitment business. You need to set up things as efficiently and streamlined as possible. Every click counts to ensure speed to market.

What were you using before Recruitment Boost? What made you change?

We were using Bullhorn before. As a fast-growing company, we really need a system that has flexibility to adapt to our business.


We found it difficult to really get what we need out of the system with Bullhorn. Their customer service is quite inflexible, and you have to pay for every customization. So, we were open to find something that better suited our needs. Discovering Recruitment Boost for half the price was a nice surprise.


Over and above, Recruitment Boost has been developed by recruiters. They understand and know our industry and what we need, and are happy to listen to our requirements and apply when able. It is not based on Salesforce – as many systems are which was also very refreshing as Salesforce’s functionality and structure is just not suited to recruitment. So, it’s specifically designed to do what we need. That was important to me in choosing a new system.

How are you finding Recruitment Boost’s customer service?

With Recruitment Boost, you have a direct line to the developers. This means you can get help from the people that know the system best and you can directly share any feedback and suggested changes.

Does your feedback get implemented?

Recruitment Boost is always looking to improve the system for their customers. So yes, our input gets integrated into the development roadmap and rolled out for all users, if it makes sense for the business. This flexibility has been invaluable to us to get a system in place that suits our needs. It’s an ongoing collaboration.

What’s your favourite feature?

It has to be Recruitment Boost’s search capability. Versus Bullhorn, when we tested it just after our migration, we found 3 to 5% more relevant candidates per search in our database. As we all know, every candidate counts to help clients find the best talent!