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People 360

From manual processes to seamless collaboration across locations


Today, we’re speaking to Jordache Keith, Managing Director of People360, to find out how implementing a CRM system specifically designed for Recruitment has helped his business.

About the company:


People360 was founded in 2014 in Singapore. Over the past 5 years, this recruitment agency has evolved significantly to become specialised in recruitment for the healthcare industry – recruiting healthcare professionals from 6 countries across Asia to Singapore and Malaysia.


Having grown from a one-man show into a team of 9 people across two office locations, the company plans to further expand its horizons with new markets, such as Canada, the UK and many more, being in development.

Did you always have a CRM?

No, actually when we started out, we only had good old Excel, and everything was manual. We soon realised this wasn’t going to work and upgraded to Salesforce.


Unfortunately, after using it for a while, we realised that it’s not really suitable for the needs of a recruitment company. Plus, it was very expensive. We needed something that could be customised to our workflows at a cost that would make sense for our business.


Researching available Recruitment CRMs, we discovered Recruitment Boost. Looking at all the features, we felt it was really good value for money.

What is your favourite feature?

It has to be the CV parsing tool! It helps us save so much time and energy. 80% of all data gets uploaded in seconds and recruitment consultants only have to make small edits here and there.

Was it difficult to get your team to use Recruitment Boost?

If you look around our offices, Recruitment Boost is always open on all screens. We use it on a daily basis. Because it’s so easy to use, the take-up rate is very high. Everyone uses it. It’s key to our day-to-day processes.

How has Recruitment Boost helped your business?

I would say Recruitment Boost has helped to ensure there is connectivity between all team members, regardless of location. As everything is managed from one place – jobs, clients, candidates, even emails and other follow-ups – everyone has access to all information at all times.


It becomes very easy to track what happens with every opportunity, so we can deliver a more professional experience to both candidates and clients and we don’t need to dedicate meetings and catch-ups to ensure everyone is up to date. This not only saves time, but also ensure we’re not working in silos.

You mentioned Recruitment Boost provides good value for money. Has it helped you save?

Yes, definitely! We’re probably spending half of what we were spending before, whilst getting more out of the system. For instance, now we can find suitable candidates 2 to 3 times faster in our database, which is of course important to making more placements and growing the business.