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Our Commitment

Message from the CEO

Jason Lopez-2

Recruitment Boost has been providing customised recruitment CRM solutions to our clients since 2014. Some may have gotten to know us by our old name, Octus.

As CEO, I believe that each client's business requirements are different, with differing needs and wants that are not always addressed by generic CRM platforms with the features required to meet their recruitment process. It is our aim to bridge that gap and provide a comprehensive end-to-end CRM platform built specifically for recruitment agencies and individual consultants so that they will spend less time on manual tasks, be able to streamline their processes, and have more time to focus on growing their business.


I have made it our mission, our north star if you will, that Recruitment Boost will offer the best customised CRM solution that will help grow our clients business. In line with this, we also make it a point to continuously help and support our clients through our world-class customer service team that is available at any time our clients need.

At the same time, we would also like our clients to find ease in using our system such that all functions are maximised and the user interface is understandable, even by the novice recruiter.

With Recruitment Boost, you are assured that we make our clients our priority. We understand your needs and we see to it that our customised CRM solutions will benefit your business to the fullest.

Jason Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Lopez ESig.png

Jason Antonio Lopez Jr. is a businessman, leader and visionary. He earned his business management degree from the San Sebastian College in the Philippines. He began his career by organising high-level international sporting events and later on moving to Singapore to pursue recruitment. With more than 10 years in the recruitment industry, dealing with C-Level executives in prestigious global IT Services and Software Blue Chip companies, Jason took the challenge of senior leadership roles and concurrently entering Life Sciences and HealthCare. Driven by his passion, he then founded multiple businesses that span different industries in Asia.


Now the CEO of Octus Pte. Ltd. Singapore (t/a Recruitment Boost), Jason leads teams across APAC that push Recruitment Boost to the next level.

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