How we help our clients get the most of our CRM.

Our technical and customer support team periodically checks-up on our clients and asks them for feedback on their experience and how we can improve our CRM and services.

A big number of our clients have migrated to Recruitment Boost CRM precisely because of our continuous customer service support.

Here are a few things you can expect from our technical and customer support team:


Having a good start is critical so we take this step seriously. We'll help you set-up, integrate necessary accounts, and configure your customization requirements. We will also provide training materials and references to help you get started. 


Every system is different. We will ensure that the systems match up appropriately and your data is transferred 100% accurately as swiftly and seamless as possible with minimal to no disruption to your day-to-day operations.


We get your mail and calls directly. We do not outsource our technical and customer support teams. Thereby, your challenges are directly received by the technical team who are trained to deal with customer queries and know exactly how to help you with your problem.


Whether you're subscribed to our BASIC package or PRO version, all our customers continuously benefit from our customer support.


We always aim to improve our system. You'll receive access to all the latest features as they are rolled out across the system, as well as updates on how to use these to enhance your processes.


Need more support? Our technical and customer support team is here to help. We are always ready to schedule training and Q&A sessions whenever you need it.

Our mission is to give recruitment companies a competitive edge to succeed. Whatever the size of your business, Recruitment Boost is the ideal CRM for start-ups and growing recruitment companies.

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