K Search Asia Consulting, Inc.

Helping clients grow from employee #1 to the first hundred with an agile work environment that has transitioned from old-school sourcing to using a CRM.

Speaking with Ross Suarez, Senior Manager and Data Management & Governance Head of K Search Asia - Philippines, we see how Recruitment Boost is able to help their business transition from old-school sourcing to using a CRM that cuts their time shorter in doing minute tasks so they can focus on more important matters.



We’ve been here for over 20 years. We started in October of 1999 and we used to be part of KPMG. Actually, the "K" of K Search came from the "K" of KPMG. Our leaders came from there and Accenture.


We started with a niche that’s strong in Finance and Accounting, having been given our edge, but we’ve expanded to different practice areas and industries covering IT, HR, Sales and Marketing, and industry-specific searches also such as Banking and Tech.


Just this year (2021), we’ve transitioned an agile work environment that enabled us to work seamlessly with different consultants across the different sectors. Recruitment Boost is something that would help us take our company to the next level. We’re really excited with the progress that we will have with Recruitment Boost.


Our competitive advantage is really taking targeted selection to heart. I know that a lot of recruitment companies apply targeted selection, but it’s really what we do and what we apply consistently to all our roles. Because of targeted selection and our consulting methodology, we’re able to apply it to any role and not just limited to one practice or one industry. If we follow that consulting methodology, the targeted selection methodology, we can be very much agile, we can learn anything.


Just last year, the direction of the company drastically changed – Coming strong from Finance and Accounting, suddenly the roles were IT-related and so I can say that one of K Search’s strengths is being agile cause we’re able to transition quickly. Wherever the demand is, we confident we can learn that. Even when the roles have changed, using our consistent consulting methodology, and the targeted selection techniques, we are able to hire by the hundreds. -- Even if it’s IT and it’s never been our strength, we can learn it and we can help companies start-up.


Most of our accounts are foreign companies and our strength is really helping companies grow from employee number 1 up to the first hundred or few hundreds. I’m very proud that we’re also helping the Philippines in that process. For example, I’ll be meeting with a management consulting firm and their client is western, we will pitch for the them to get jobs here. – And that has happened. It’s strategic in a way and it’s helping the Philippines cause it’s not just for K Search. Sometimes, if it’s for the Philippines and it goes to Malaysia, or it goes to India, the challenge is the capabilities here. So that’s another realm of expertise we’re really excited about and we’re very much actively participating in. That helps us in the business, and it helps the country also.


We’ve long planned to use a CRM before. In fact, 10 years ago, we started creating a system in-house. However, that one didn’t work out because of technical issues. -- The tech team could no longer support the vision that we have. After waiting for several years, we came across your company and when you pitched to us, the value proposition and how it operates is very much what we needed. This is the very first time we’ve used a full CRM. Before, it was just a vision.


The main proposition for acquiring Recruitment Boost is to assist us in sourcing. We really need a system that houses all our CVs and will be a tool for convenient sourcing. Whereas before, we would ask recruiters or consultants to give us all endorsements for a specific account for a particular year, and sometimes we won’t be able to locate it because the consultant resigned already and so we had broken parts in that process.


Now with Recruitment Boost, we’re able to fully house all the CVs and documents there, the search process is much easier. So that is the best feature. –You could easily search by name, by function, and there are many filters that you can utilise and fine-tune your search, even via years of experience, skills, etc. That for us is the most positive thing. Up to now, we’re actually still in the process of full implementation. But we’ve experienced the benefits already first-hand. It also cuts short the time it takes for sourcing. We envision the time all our CVs are all in the system.