How we help our clients
get the most out of Recruitment Boost!

We often speak to our clients and ask them for feedback on how we can improve our solutions and services. During these sessions, one of the things they most compliment us on is our focus on customer service. In fact, many of our clients have migrated to Recruitment Boost precisely for this reason.


Frustrated by their previous solution providers that are based in other time zones and too big to care or respond, when they decide to research other solutions, they’re often looking for more than just another system to run their CRM.


Instead, they want a provider that can really take their use case into account and can customise the system to their specific requirements. Afterall, what is the point of having a system full of fancy features that you will never use, laid out in a way that doesn’t work for your business?


We get it!


What can you expect?


Having a good start is of course critical to your experience and enjoyment of Recruitment Boost. So, we take this first step quite seriously.


To get you set up, we will first ask you a few questions to establish your use case, set-up, integration you’re your customization requirements. Whilst not everything may be customisable, we will try our best to find the most optimal solution for you to achieve your goals.


Once you’re set up, you will receive the login information, as well as training materials to help you get started.


Every system is different. If you’re transferring from another CRM, during onboarding, we will ensure that the systems are matched up appropriately and that all your data is transferred accurately with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.


If we have never run a migration from your previous CRM before, we will work with that provider and take care to fully understand necessary migration requirements to ensure your data is transferred 100% accurately as swiftly as possible.

Direct access

Who gets your email and who will respond to it? Is this outsourced? No!


When you contact us, your email will go directly to our engineers, who are trained to deal with customer queries and know exactly how to help you with your problem – or at least they will know where to go to find a solution.


Thereby, your challenges are actually understood and, if you have important feedback or ideas on how the system can be further improved, they can be directly taken onboard as part of the ongoing product development roadmap.

Ongoing customer support

Whether you’re on our most basic package or the pro version, from onboarding to day-to-day questions, all our customers continuously benefit from our customer support. Just send us an email!

Continuous updates & upgrades

Irrespective of what you package you’re on, as a Recruitment Boost customer, you will always receive access to all the latest features as they are rolled out across the system, as well as updates on how to best use these to enhance your processes.

Training and Q&A sessions

Need more support? Our engineers are here to help you get the most out of Recruitment Boost. Please reach out to find out more about scheduling Q&A and other online training sessions for you and your team.