Recruitment Boost gives your business the edge to succeed.

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With Recruitment Boost’s powerful 3-in-1 search function, advanced cv parsing technology, and 1-click branded document creation tool, clients get the right candidates quicker, boosting client satisfaction and win more business.
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Through Recruitment Boost’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can speed up the hiring process and organize workflows and tasks with ease. Create effective and efficient processes that increase productivity and results.
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Centralized data and streamlined KPI tracking helps your organization stay focused on goals. Earn more, pay less! Increase your speed to market and boost your profits.

Clients love it!

Save Time

“Thanks to useful features like the advanced CV parsing tool, with Recruitment Boost, our teams save up to 40% time on manual tasks like data entry.”


Through the automation of day-to-day administrative tasks, such as data entry, sharing information between teams, as well as tracking and managing candidates, clients and jobs, Recruitment Boost lets your team focus on what’s really important – recruiting talent and making placements.

Streamline Processes

“Recruitment Boost helps us standardise processes and deliver a consistent and professional experience to clients and candidates.”


Recruitment Boost has been built by recruiters based on best industry practices. Clients love its intuitive interface. It makes onboarding team members and high usage of the system easy, so everyone has access to the same information and follows the same practices managing every prospect.

Find More Candidates

“For every search, our team members find more relevant candidates 2 to 3 times faster with Recruitment Boost versus leading industry solutions.”


Finding the best candidates fast is key to making more placements and ensuring client happiness. With Recruitment Boost’s super powerful 3-in-1 search functionality, recruitment agencies can maximise their talent databases, increasing speed to market to secure more opportunities.

Save Money

“Recruitment Boost gives us all the features we need, for half the price we were paying before. It gives us the flexibility we need as a growing business.”


We believe in transparency and that every recruitment agency should have a robust CRM system to achieve their goals. Our solutions are cost effective, whilst still providing you with all the features you actually need for your business to succeed. Clients love our pay-as-you-grow monthly contracts.

Onboard People Fast

“Recruitment Boost is intuitive and easy to use, so we can onboard people faster and convince everyone to use it. Up to 80% of our staff use all the features everyday.”


Recruitment Boost has been designed with the end-user in mind – recruiters. We know no body likes data entry and that migrating to a new system and processes can be a pain. That’s why our interface is simple and simple to understand, making it easy for everyone to use.

Make More Placements

“Our consultants that use Recruitment Boost to its full potential make more placements per month. Their earrings increase by up to 20% per year.”


Combining useful features, such as the CV parsing tool, the 3-in-1 search functionality and many more, recruiters save time on daily admin tasks, streamline their activities and find more relevant candidates faster, ensuring they can boost their performance and revenue.











The right CRM solution for your business!

Whether you’re a start-up finding its feet, an ambitious SME or making your mark in emerging markets, Recruitment Boost is designed to suit your specific business needs and to grow with your company.


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